Syma Drones Helpcenter

Here you can find the answers to the most asked questions about Syma Drones. We do also have all instruction manuals available longer down at the page.

The answers to the Questions below is for Syma Z1, Z3, X56W-P X and TF Series


Frequently Asked Questions about Syma Drones:

How long does it take to charge a Syma Drone?

approx: 120 minutes.

Is there foldable Syma Drones?

Yes, Syma Offers a varaity of foldable drones.

The Syma Z1, Z3 and X56W-P is foldable

How to connect the Syma Z3 to Android and Apple Phones?

Download the Syma Fly App and follow the apps Instructions.

How to start a Syma Drone?

Method 1

There are two ways to start a Syma Drone.

The first, and most common way to start the drone is to Push the controllers downwards to the center. The other way is to push the left controller to the highest point and then downwards to the center.

You can read more about starting a Syma drone in the instruction manual of your drone. If you dont have the manual available you can scroll down and click on your drone and download the manuals.


Troubleshooting Syma Drones

The Syma won't turn on / Is unresponsive:

This might occur when the drone has entered the low voltage protection phase. If the remote controller's batteries are weak, the power light indicator will blink.

How to fix: Charge up the drone or change the remote control batteries.

The Syma controllers are not working correctly:

Check batteries for the controller. Make sure you don't have any frequency interference.

The Syma is hard to control, wobbling and/or unstable in flight:

Land the drone and do a calibration. If calibration is ineffective the Syma Z3 Might be unbalanced. Physical unbalance is not covered under the Syma Warranty as it in 97.4% Cases comes from physical impacts such as crashes or drops, According to Syma.