Syma X25 PRO Instruction Manuals and User guides

Here you can find the instruction manual for your Syma X25Pro. You can also get the answers to the most asked questions or visit our unofficial Syma Helpcenter at the bottom of the page.




Instructions / User Manual For Syma X25PRO:

English Version


Frequently Asked Questions about the Syma X23 Drone:

How long does it take to charge the Syma X25?

approx: 120 minutes.

How Long can you Fly on one Battery?

The average flight time is 7 minutes.

Can you fold the Syma X25?

You cant fold the Syma X25

How to connect the Syma X25PRO to a phone?

Visit our help center and find the QR code and other useful info about connecting your Syma X25Pro to a phone.


Recommended video for The Syma X25Pro:

User guide to the Syma X25PRO Drone



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