Policy and agreement.

We are running ads on our website and you do accept that ads for products are shown beside your manuals. We promise to show ads in a clean, elegant, and no disturbing way for our visitors.
We don't accept manuals that advertise competing services to Findallmanuals or any of the products below.

Even tho we want to have as many high-quality manuals as possible on our site, we have some rules to which manuals we are showing. These products won't be accepted at Findallmanuals.

Manuals we don't accept at findallmanuals.com

1. Manuals for sexual products
Manuals for sex toys or any other sexual products won't be featured at Findallmanuals.
Products that are known for causing sexual behavior and or are more known for their sexual use are not accepted at Finallmanuals.com. 

2. Manuals for Medicine, drugs, or alcohol products
We don't accept manuals or instructions for any medicine, drugs, or alcohol product. We have the right to deny any manuals that is a byproduct of these items or can be considered paraphernalia.

3. Harmful products

We won't accept manuals for weapons or any explosives at findallmanuals.com. Any other product that can be dangerous or can cause harm to others is also not accepted.

4. Controversial products
We have the right to refuse or remove any controversial products. We do also have the right to remove products that holds unreal claims or can be related to fraud or pseudoscience.

If your product has production errors or has been withdrawn from the market and/or can cause harm you are obligated to inform us about these matters. If you fail to do so, the product might be removed and your company can be banned from find all manuals.

We can remove or deny any products we want for any reason. 

Copyrights: We can not edit your manuals and we will remove your product if you no longer want to be part of findallmanuals.com. The product will be removed within 60 days.

We do have the right to change these rules or remove any manuals we see fit.